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On the Go

On the go

Whether you're boating, driving or just walking around St John, make all of your moves safe and stress free.

Jogging Stroller On the Go
Keep your walking/running routine going, even while you are on vacation.
weekly price: $75
Toddler Car Seat On the Go, Featured Items
Drive on the left with ease with this toddler car seat.
weekly price: $50
Infant Car Seat On the Go
Safely transport your infant with this rear facing seat.
weekly price: $50
Baby Hiking Backpack On the Go, Featured Items
Perfect for hiking, beaching or just walking in town.
weekly price: $50
Booster car seat On the Go
Just need a little bit of height for your bigger kid to travel safely?
weekly price: $40
Umbrella Stroller On the Go
Make traveling through town a breeze with this convenient stroller.
weekly price: $35
Infant Life Jacket On the Go
A must for every boat trip within the Virgin Island or to the BVIs. Coast Guard approved.
weekly price: $25
Toddler Life Jacket On the Go
A must for every boat trip. Coast Guard approved
weekly price: $25
Puddle Jumper On the Go
The puddle jumper is a hybrid of water wings and your traditional life jacket. Coast Guard approved.
weekly price: $25
Beach Umbrella On the Go
Protecting yourself and your family from the sun is a challenging task.
weekly price: $25
Beach Toys On the Go
Have all of your trips to the beach be a success with this assortment of beach toys.
weekly price: $10

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